Weekend Reading Wrap-up

Okay, so maybe 2 weeks of reading. This week’s topics include gender (+ alcohol), race (+ alcohol), more gender, autism, and mental illness.

Later, I’d hop into a cab, coiffed and pumped for a television appearance, ready to talk whiskey.

And then this would happen: “What does it mean to be a women in whiskey?” or, “What kinds of whiskey do women drink?” or the nebulous, “What can you tell us about women and whiskey?”

— Whiskey-Drinking Women Get Stereotyped — What If Men Did Too?

I bet that sort of thing comes up in every “traditionally male” industry… Saw this posted n a group chat after someone else was talking about an interview asking “What’s it like being a woman in STEM?” and how frustrating that is.

A recent Nielsen study commissioned by the Brewers Association found that while black drinkers compose 11.2% of the US population, they consume only 3.7% of the country’s craft beer. Compare that with the 80% of craft beer guzzled by whites, who make up 60% of the population, and you’ll start to get a sense of the size of the divide.

—There Are Almost No Black People Brewing Craft Beer. Here’s Why.

The rather obvious answer is systemic racism, but the article details some of the beer-specific history that got us here.

But for transgender and gender nonconforming people like myself, the question of what to wear to work becomes an exhausting question of identity and of survival. For us, the question changes from “how do I present my best self at work?” to “can I present my best self at work?”

—Why I’m Genderqueer, Professional and Unafraid

“Professional” clothing is quite gendered, and that’s definitely one reason I prefer to stay in the “draping jersey shirt” area of clothing. This is a great discussion of navigating professionalism when you don’t fit “white cis person”.

The “truly stunning” findings, published this month in the journal Pediatrics, show that transgender kids like mine (those allowed to live in the gender they say they are) are just as mentally healthy as their non-trans peers. They aren’t depressed or riddled with mental health diagnoses. In fact,  emotionally, they’re pretty average.

—Trans Kids Not Necessarily Crazy

A parent writes about the results of a survey on the mental health of trans kids, unsurprised that those allowed to live as their actual gender are just as “normal” as their cis counterparts.

Researchers are aware of these problems. But because so few elderly adults have an autism diagnosis, healthcare workers have little experience helping them navigate the pitfalls of old age.

—Adults with autism face old age without much support

Following up on The Missing Generation, this post goes into more detail about the issues older adults with autism face.

I also want to link To The Friends That Knew I Couldn’t Do This ‘Mental Illness Thing’ Alone, but it’s not quote-able, it’s almost like a poem? Any quote I pulled out would not do justice to the weight of the whole piece.

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