Tonight I decided to check out redbubble to see if there were any new interesting autism/neurodiversity related products up. I figured, it’s basically April, if anyone’s posting anything new it’s probably up now… And so I went, and searched “autism”. Of course, you probably know the things I ended up with, but in just the first page I found such amusing results I had to share.

First up:

Shirt design, reads “someone with autism makes me proud everyday”

Well, I am proud of myself often, but everyday is pushing it.

Shirt design, reads “See the able, not the label”

An interesting new spin on “differently abled”… like, except even worse? It’s like people who say “don’t call yourself autistic” and then refuse to make any accommodations, but in shirt-form.

Shirt design, hands ripping apart shirt to reveal puzzle pieces underneath

Not just one puzzle piece, I’m actually made of puzzle pieces!

Shirt design, reads “This drummer wears blue for autism awareness” on a puzzle piece; below reads “accept understand love”

So ok, this one actually says accept & understand, not just “be aware autistic people people with autism exist”… but it’s not actually a blue shirt!? So… the person wearing it is not wearing blue for autism. Also, I just noticed the puzzle-ception going on here.

Shirt design, reads “AUTISM is a journey I never planned for but I sure do love my tour guide im an Autism mom” In 6 different fonts

I can’t really imagine anyone wearing this mess on a shirt, but I’ve seen this phrase/style before so I guess someone’s buying it. This is actually the better of the two on this one page of results. I was going to put this in just to annoy Mel, but as I was counting the fonts she walked in and saw me squinting at the computer. She walked over and looked at my screen, and all I said was “6?” and she immediately started counting the fonts too. So, clearly we belong together ❤

Anyway…. now that I’ve laughed at some autism-parent designs, I also thought it would be nice to link to some better designs, too.

Shirt design, reads “Do what makes you flappy”

By EWAutismLibrary — They also have one that reads “noncompliant af”, and other cute self-advocacy / acceptance designs.

Design is a mobius/infinity symbol in rainbow colors with “autistic pride”

By Amythest Schaber — Another shop with lots of other cute autism, neurodiversity, and disability activism-related designs, and well-done too 🙂

Mug with a teardrop repeating pattern, reads “neurotypical tears”

By Tabitha Fringe Chase — Mostly this caught my eye because it’s funny, and actually looks nice too 😀

Design reads “neurodiversity is natural”

By Erin Human — lots of cute hand-drawn designs, and reminds me that I should grab another “celebrate neurodiversity” sticker.

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